Acrylic Bathtub Vacuum Forming Machine with Computer Control Panel

Acrylic Bathtub Vacuum Forming Machine with Computer Control Panel

Specifications Bathtub made of ABS 1. Size:980*1500*580mm 2.Material:ABS 3. CE certification Specifications Massage bathtub.Simply the best elegant design builds the comfortable space size: 980*1500*580mm color:white Acrylic Chinese Indoor whirlpool bathtub C-001 Product Dimensions...

Product Details

Acrylic Chinese Indoor whirlpool bathtub C-001

Specifications of the Acrylic Bathtub

Material ABS
Product Dimensions 980*1500*580mm
Type Massage Bathtub
color white
certification CE
Voltage AC230V/110V
Frequency LF50Hz /60HZ
Water pump power 750W

2. Stainless steel frame: 1set
3. Massage water pump(1HP): 1pc
4. European jet:6 pcs
5. Faucet: 1set
6. Waterfall: 1pc
7. Hand shower: 1pc
9. Drain: 1set


1. The products material is environmental acrylic. It’s coming from mould at high temperature of baking, to make the color fresh for many years. The production procedure is in strict accordance with ISO quality control standard. Accessories include pure: acrylic material board, resin fiber accumulation layer, stainless steel support. All makes the high quality and long durability of products.
2. Double cold and hot water control valve can control the constant temperature effectively.
3. All the bathtub is packed after the whole set water testing. Need not self assembly, can be used once after connect the water-in and out.
4. Packing: Foam + carton + wooden bracket.

Production Flow




Packaging & Shipping



Hot Tub Positioning:

Position your Hot Tub in an area that is very well supported and solid enough to take the weight of the tub including the water and the people enjoying the product, you could take advice from a structural engineer or your builder if in any doubt.

A concrete base should be at least 4" thick and it not advisable to put your Hot tub on an elevated wooden platform without sound advice, again due to weight issue, the general message is “these things are heavy”.

Electrical Supply :

You should leave the installation of the power supply to a professional. As a reference the power supply should be in the range of 13-30 amps and the power source itself must be wired through a RCD device (Residual Current Device) or if that is not possible through a circuit breaker. For security purposes the power source itself must be located at least 2 meters away from the hot tub.

Water Supply:

Obviously you must have access to a water supply for filling the hot tub, accessible with a hosepipe. Also it is equally important that you are able to empty the hot tub through the drain with the same method, an accessible drain is very useful for this purpose. Non softened water is recommended for use in hot tubs.