Acrylic Bathtub Installation Notice

- Aug 11, 2017-

1. Check the drainage system of acrylic bathtub is not outstanding, to avoid the late put into use to render problems need rework.

2. Placing acrylic bathtub on the ground demand is flat, the intention is to ensure the use of the process of stability and aesthetics, if the uneven appearance should be adjusted well, to avoid the use of late to present unnecessary trouble.

3. Acrylic bathtub Device when the bathtub to set aside local, to adjust the bathtub level, to carry out the details of conditioning to ensure the stability of subsequent use.

4. The device of the jacuzzi must be provided with grounding and leakage maintenance switch.

5. The bathtub cannot be placed directly against the wall.

6. Acrylic bathtub installation process, the need to use soft materials to cover the appearance of the bathtub to avoid scratches.

7. Drainage fittings stab into the ground drainage pipe some claims above 50mm, and cohesion should be tight to avoid leakage.