Change the shower room pulley steps

- Aug 11, 2017-

The first step is to place the stone matrix in the position to be installed, and to place the lower rail in the middle of the stone matrix, after installation, and then install the left and right side of the fixed glass, and then install the side of the material, the installation of the side material should be the first aluminum Fonseca up and down in the middle of the screw to the edge and up and down guide rail lock.

The second step, will rely on the wall aluminum card into the left and right side of the material, and then installed in the shower room frame in the center of the stone, adjust the location of the pulley in the shower room, then rely on the wall aluminum openings to make a mark with a pencil, and then with a rubber hammer to the green expansion of the plastic hammer into the wall, and then put a good shower room frame to move to the stone stone with screws to lock and put on the decorative cover.

The third step, the installation of the pulley on the movable glass mounted on the rails.
The last step, as the movable door is already mounted on the guideway, the sliding wheel on the movable door glass is installed, to be installed in the movable door of the glass, because the sliding wheel is free to adjust, in the installation of the sliding wheel, and then press and hold the adjustment key to the next rail, the installation of retaining water strips and magnetic strips, installation handle, it was done.