Common shape of shower room

- Aug 11, 2017-

The shape of the shower room is generally symmetrical arc fan, there are square, diamond shape, etc., sliding door, folding doors, hinges, etc., in order to enter the way into the corner or one-sided entry, angle to enter the largest feature is to expand the utilization rate, you can make better use of the limited bathroom area, square diagonal, curved, diamond-shaped shower room are this category, is the use of more styles, choose the shape of the shower room to refer to the size and direction of the bathroom.

Most people like to buy a translucent shower room, but the traditional conservative (such as old people) will also accept cloth-style opaque shower room, so to see the family preferences, the main material for the shower room tempered glass, tempered glass quality difference is larger, the authentic tempered glass carefully look there is a faint pattern.