Shower room Precautions

- Aug 11, 2017-

1. Shower room size of the embedded hole should be in the bathroom before the decoration is designed.
2. Have installed a good water supply system and ceramic tile the best custom shower room.
3. Wiring leakage protection switch devices should be in the shower room before the installation, so as not to rework.
4. The style of the bath room according to the layout of the bathroom, common has a corner type and a font.
5. Install bath room should be installed strictly according to the Assembly process.
6. The shower room must be firmly connected with the building structure and cannot be shaken.
7. Open shower room must use expansion bolt, with not hollow wall fixed, drainage, bottom basin memory water is not greater than 500 grams.
8. The appearance of the bath room after installation should be neat and bright, sliding door and moving doors are parallel or vertical, symmetrical, the door to open and close, no gap, no seepage, shower room and the bottom basin with silicone seal sealed.