How To Choose The Shower Room!

- Aug 11, 2017-

1. Thickness and tempering of glass
High-quality products are commonly used in high-quality glass or a relatively thick full toughened glass, not only beautiful but also durable and sturdy, the use of the safest tempered glass, thickness in 5mm, safe and reliable, has 3C certification, the incision at the angle of the treatment, greatly reducing the glass itself burst of safety hazards.

2. Thickness and surface treatment of aluminum alloy
The thickness of the aluminum alloy has a certain effect on the whole of the shower room, which affects the solidity of the whole. Kaili shower room is thickened aluminum, the thickness is up to 1.5mm above, in the aluminum surface treatment on the ionic oxidation, electrostatic spray treatment, you can make the combination of coating more firmly, the appearance of special light lasting, anti-aging and not discoloration, corrosion resistance.

3. Do not covet a cheap choice of three products
Shower room is a durable consumer products, in the purchase of the time must see clearly, purchase marked with detailed production plant name, manufacturer's address and commodity certification products, especially the computer steam room, need to pay more attention, otherwise there will be a great security hidden trouble.

4. Check pulley flexibility
Shower room sliding door pulley is also very important, the pulley must be flexible and lightweight, using stainless steel screws, if pushed up the pulley appears very loud, this will affect the life of the use.