Shower Room Don't Ignore The Effect Of The Sealing Strip

- Aug 11, 2017-

The main role of the shower room is to block the splash when bathing, so choose to pay attention to whether the product purchased in glass and glass, glass and wall of the connection between the seal. If not, it is very difficult to block the shower when the sprinkler splash, the role of showers are therefore greatly discounted, and high-quality shower room seals should not be at the hinge place, the glass door between the sealing strip to have magnetic, so that the performance of water retaining will be better.

Shower room is mainly composed of tempered glass, and tempered glass corner is more fragile, use the attention do not use hard objects bump glass corners, lest damage, the best choice of Glass edge has a seal products, because the seal can be appropriate to alleviate the impact of bump, the tempered glass has a certain safety protection role.